Why We Think Instagram Is The Platform For E-Commerce?

Instagram marketing for brands screenshot

Instagram marketing for brands

M-commerce is a rising phenomenon. With 77 percent of North Americans now owning a smartphone, it was only natural that people would start using their mobile devices for buying products and services. This rise in e-commerce via mobile technology is a rapidly growing segment of online shopping.

Many companies who already have an e-commerce strategy see m-commerce as the next logical step in their digital investment. Having a social media presence is now more important than ever. Today, many companies increase their brand awareness by making product and service promotions through their followers in social networks. Social media has an even more important role in annual marketing strategies. Companies want to be closer to their target groups than ever, and they are implementing programs and practices to increase loyalty.

Extend the impact of consumer Instagram content by connecting consumers to relevant product purchase suggestions in the display gallery or microsite. Brands that respond with beautiful, emotion-filled photos of their products and their customers truly unlock the visual and emotional power of Instagram, and in turn drive the desire to purchase.

Instagram, encourages hashtags. This puts even more weight on hashtags to connect Instagram followers to the brand’s larger marketing strategy. We see that the most interacting content in the Instagram is with 7 tags, and after the 8th tag, the content is less appreciated. With simple strategies and tactics, you can provide a sales pitch in Instagram and use Instagram effectively to interact with consumers.

How to be successful in e-commerce with Instagram image

How to be successful in e-commerce with Instagram image

After a while it will be difficult to increase or keep the customer base created by Instagram. So you may need a system that reports the Instagram account to you. Instareport can make this report instead of you. With Instareport, you can see how much traffic you have from Instagram. When you want real result in terms of the number of likes and followers for your gallery on Instagram, Instareport should be your choice.

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